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/16/2016The added/repeated calls to 'DCC. loop' ensure that there are sufficient checks to avoid missing a packet. With a limit of 16MHz for the MCU Clock, this limits how many Instruction Cycles are available between DCC Packets. As an Arduino Sketch is written in C, there are lots of Instruction Cycles that might get used between each line of C code.

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Web page: . trainelectronics/DCC_Arduino/controller The controller is still under development and is likely to change over time but it works well enough

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1/29/2016Your Arduino will understand DCC signals and drive a lot of motors, lights, servos in an easy way. Designed for RailRoad Modelling, but can be used in any actionners context. The DCC part is optionnal, and simple buttons can be used to move motors !

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Questo sistema usa un telecomando a raggi infrarossi per inviare comandi ad una centrale DCC realizzata con Arduino Uno ed in grado di visualizzare tutte le sue funzioni su un display LCD da 16 caratteri x 2 linee.

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/23/2018Software to install on the PC that works together with the Arduino DCC_Decoder_Sound sketch to play sounds, triggered by DCC. Sounds Some sample sounds for use with the DCC_Decoder_Sound and the Sound Software. DCCSound_User_Manual. doc Detailed description how to install and to use the Sound Software and the DCC_Decoder_Sound. RB_S88

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Since this is designed to be a stand-alone DCC controller power needs to be added to the DCC signals created by the Arduino. This functionality is provided by the 11 pin LMD18200 H-Bridge. This device is frequently used to power DC motors as it contains the electronic equivalent of a double pole, double throw toggle switch.

DCC and Arduino - oscalenet

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The Arduino Reference text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. 0 License. Find anything that can be improved? Suggest corrections and new documentation via GitHub.

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Hardware The circuit is composed of a power supply section, an optocoupler section and the Arduino. One pin on the Arduino picks up the DCC data and the other 17 I/0 pins are connected to LEDs.

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0/3/2018Arduino Z21 DCC Zentrale Multiuse Arduino model railroad digital central station with WiFi, LAN, XpressNet, LocoNet, S88 and a internal Booster. You can configure inside the Arduino sketch the interfaces and build up just the hardware you wanna use.

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DCC Decoder Shield for Arduino; as well as optionally powering the Arduino from DCC power and providing up to 400mA of 5VDC to connected circuitry. The board is designed to be compatible with various DCC decoder libraries and Arduino boards.

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DCC and Arduino. For quite a few (~40) years besides model railroading I also have an interest in electronics. For the : There is a general Arduino DCC library available at model railroading with arduino - this can be used for more useful programs. However, the source code of the library is pretty complex.

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/25/2015New Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoder Software. Then, there now is a separate multi-mode Arduino DCC Function Decoder. It has max 16 digital outputs, max 6 of which can also be used analog (pwm). 51 thoughts on “ New Arduino DCC Servo and Function Decoder Software

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er einen High-Speed-Optokoppler vom Typ 6N137 kann der Arduino das DCC-Digital-Signal empfangen und mittels geeigneter Bibliotheken (z. B. NMRA-DCC-Library) auswerten.

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/21/2014A simple and inexpensive DCC controller can be made from an Arduino Uno, a LM18200 H Bridge, a TV remote control and a small LCD display. Details on construction are on my web page at: